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I was able to get SQL Server 2008 running. I created a new database and was able to use the Shape2SQL utility to import the bike paths, major streets, neighborhoods (essentially all streets), and the contours into the database.

Basically the data is turned into a UDT (user defined type). Check out the SQL Server 2008 Spatial Data overview for more info. I'm still trying to figure out how to actually use the dumb think. I have run a few of the spatial functions on the data, and everything seems to work correctly. I then went and created a project and tried to create a Linq to SQL file. Of course, Linq doesn't support UDTs. However, I think that the bulk of the work may need to be done in the database anyway. I have heard people talking about a Spacial Index. I saw the tool created them, but I have no clue as of yet how to use it.

I found an overview of how spatial indexes work.

Great resource in learning spatial data in SQL Server 2008: Dave Does Data SQL 2008 Spatial Samples, Part 1 of 9 - How to Learn SQL Spatial

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